Bright Land School celebrated Republic Day with great enthusiasm. The campus was adorned with flags, and a special program was organized for the students. The event commenced with the flag hoisting by the school principal, Mrs. Harsh Thukral, followed by a collective rendition of the national anthem. During the program, students presented cultural performances aimed at showcasing the glory, pride, culture, and civilization of India, emphasizing the nation’s efforts towards prosperity and happiness. The atmosphere was filled with patriotism through patriotic songs, chants of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai,” and the singing of the national song “Vande Mataram.” Mrs. Harsh Thukral addressed the students, highlighting the significance of the day in honoring the Indian Constitution and understanding their rights and responsibilities. She expressed pride in the Indian identity and urged students to contribute to the progress of Indian science while paying homage to the brave soldiers at the border. Mrs. Thukral also emphasized the importance of upholding the honor of the tricolor flag and preserving the unity and integrity of India, spreading the message of peace and prosperity globally.

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