The meritorious results of our Brightlanders has once again added a feather to the hat of Brightland School.

In Class X Nikunj procured 98% and stood 1st in school. On the other hand, Carol and Sneha Rawat has more sweetened the taste of victory by achieving 97%.In all over X std 6 students attained 95% above, 15 students got 90% above, 23 students procured 85%above, 34 students got 80%above. Chinning up themselves, students have Stupendously performed in examination, maintaining the flying colors of success.

Himanshi of XII (Medical) topped with 96%, Bhavya achieved 2nd position with 94.6% and Gargi Pathak stood 3rd attaining 92.4% has raised the flag of achievement. Harshita Vohra of Commerce stream accomplished 93.4% , stood 1st , Gungun jaiswal stood 2nd with 93.2% and Shivani Rawat on 3rd rank with 92.6%. This Outstanding result brings a sense of happiness and success which justified the hard work of students and this institution. Respected Chairman Mr. Ravinder Thukral and Principal Mrs. Harsh Thukral gave abundance of greetings to teachers and inspired the students to touch the zenith of success in life.

Bright Land School

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