‘The power of technology is unleashed when students can use it in their own hands, as the author of their own work and use it for critical enquiry, self-reflection, and creative expression.’
With this aim and objective of AIL (Art Integrated Learning), the Bright Land team organized an ‘Art Exhibition’ in the school premises. In this art exhibition, the students of Classes XI and XII (Commerce, Medical, Non-Medical, and art-humanities) with their mentors displayed their integrated art with their different subjects in the form of projects, models, paintings, etc.
Students experienced that they were able to derive meaning and understanding, directly from the learning experience. They enjoyed presenting their work which reflected their higher confidence levels and self-esteem, appreciation for aesthetics, and creativity.
The Principal of the school Mrs. Harsh Thukral also said that this kind of integration broadens the mind of the students and enables them to see the multi-disciplinary links between subjects, topics, and real life. She also added that Bright Land team is really elated and entranced to adopt and adapt arts in all its forms as an integral part of the teaching-learning process.